Welcome to Save Weiss Lake

SAVE WEISS LAKE is a non-profit organization dedicated to one purpose, and that is to heal our beautiful, but sick, Weiss Lake.

Our purpose is to do the following:
To protect the lake property owners who have invested thousands of dollars for homes and are paying double the taxes others pay, only to have a lake that continues to deteriorate.
To protect business owners whose very livelihood depends on the revenues generated by tourists who visit our lake, and the land owners who choose to invest in Weiss Lake.
To protect the health and safety of the families that use Weiss Lake for recreation.
To protect the wildlife that make Weiss Lake their home.

Weiss Lake was created by humans and it is slowly but surely being destroyed by them. Meanwhile, the public servants and companies whose duty it is to protect the lake, are doing little or nothing to stop the assaults on our lake.

If you care about Weiss Lake you have come to the right place. SAVE WEISS LAKE is an organization that is fighting to change the pitiful conditions of our lake. We will put pressure on the public officials and companies who are responsible for the health of Weiss Lake, so that they will make positive and long lasting improvements to the lake.

Please go to the Contacts Section, fill out a membership card, become a member, and help us fight to save Weiss Lake.

Interested in becoming a part of our Business Buddy Program? Click HERE for details and benefits!

Email us at saveweisslake@gmail.com, and friend us on Facebook, Save Weiss Lake Alabama.

If you would like to make a donation to support our mission, please click on the button below. Thank you!

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